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Design is what we do.
research & development
What are the goals of the organization? What are the existing conditions? Who is your competition? These questions play a huge role in the direction your organization’s identity should take.
Name & slogan
This step is often overlooked in the development of an organization, yet it is an important building block in creating your corporate identity..
Logo / Brand
The most important step in creating a successful identity. Your logo, in most cases, is the first impression your customers get. It can promote values and characteristics that are the essence of your organization.
Color, Type system(s), paper stocks, formats and other identifiable design elements help further define your brand. Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, statements, invoices and all office forms should be consistent throughout.
website / interactive
Today, everyone must have a web site. Make sure you provide a visually interesting and interactive site that gives them what they want and a reason to come back.
promotional materials
This is where you get to show off your products or explain your services. How you say and show it is invaluable.
vehicle identification
Thousands of potential customers can think about your organization just by seeing you on the street. Free media wherever you are. Even a licence plate tag can attract attention.
For a lot of companies this is the second most important step in building a solid identity. Signage is usually a one-time investment, so do it right the first time.
interior & exterior graphics
Don’t forget about your windows or customer service counter. These areas are great for further education about who you are and what you do.
advertising / public relations
Now is the time to tell the world. Once all 9 steps are complete, you are ready to shout about it and generate sales to specific markets. Let Bob Treanor Design Group help with planning, execution and placement.
10 Step Plan to Success

Here at Bob Treanor Design Group we can walk you thru the 10 steps to a Successfull Business Identity.